Dr. Gábor PALKÓ

Research Director, Co-Director
Petőfi Literary Museum;  Centre for Digital Humanities, Eötvös University, Budapest (HUN)


Palkó Gábor is a digital humanist and literary historian. His research interests include digital philology and cultural heritage, theories of the archives, media and art theory of Niklas Luhmann and Hungarian literary history of the 20th century.



Born Digital Critical Editions 

Scholarly text editions, and, among them, critical editions are focusing on analogue sources, they compare manuscripts and prints of primary (and sometimes secondary) sources of the work to establish a brand new text version or to trace the genetic process of writing. Print and digital scholarly text editions follow the same path in this respect. But if we focus on the scholarly edition as such, this difference, the one of the carrier, has considerable consequences. A lot has been said in the past decade or so about trans-medialization of scholarly editions, from Bernard Cerquiglini to Patric Sahle, but much less about the consequences of the fact: most scholarly text editions are per se born digitals in the 21st century. In my presentation I try to sum up the outcomes of this medial change touching upon concrete examples of digital critical editions.