Cultural marketing expert
Crane Ltd., Budapest (HUN)


Started her career in advertising (Saatchi&Saatchi, JWT) followed by General Motors as MarkComm Manager for 26 markets. Being Sales&Marketing Director at Palace of Arts Budapest, she has driven the development of a complex CRM system, a European benchmark of its kind.
As a consultant expert of cultural marketing, she has become an advocate for audience-driven marketing. Heading CULTURE.CRANE, the culture-focused department of Crane Ltd. (http://www.craneds.ie/), she had strategic role in the planning and realization of ARMSys – the culture-specific CRM system with innovative features. She has led CULTURE.CRANE SURVEY 2015 and presented its outcome at Classical Next Conference Rotterdam.



A significant transition can be observed in the culture consumption and information-sourcing habits of people nowadays. This provides culture marketers with different challenges as well as opportunities, that some years ago did not exist.
The two initiatives – the European-scale CULTURE.CRANE SURVEY 2015 and its museum-specific edition CULTURE.CRANE MUSEUM SURVEY 2018 – examine to what extent new digital platforms and technological possibilities are set to serve the marketers of cultural Europe and what else could be applied to boost the repertoire of experience marketing.
Results and learnings will be first shared at MAPS 2018 Budapest.