Designer, researcher
London South Bank University, London (GB) x Rhizome (NY)


Lozana Rossenova is a London-based designer and researcher. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Centre for the Study of the Networked Image at London South Bank University and her research is a collaboration with Rhizome, the leading international born-digital art organization based in New York. Lozana’s research work with CSNI and Rhizome aims to address questions relating to accessibility, performativity and user interaction/participation in the context of the archive of internet art. Lozana holds a BFA in Studio Art from Adelphi University, New York (US), and an MA from the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading (UK). Lozana is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Reading.



Collaborative Documentation and Archiving of Digital Art

Facilitated by Dušan Barok, Julie Boschat Thorez, and Lozana Rossenova.

This workshop will explore open source platforms to supplement standard collections management databases for art documentation and archiving, in particular for processual and networked artworks. These types of artworks pose challenges to standard content management applications due to the need of capturing their various iterations, the nature of and relations between multiple components, as well as contextual information. The collaborative nature of archiving and documentation also requires the possibility of tracking changes, in other words version control. Since proprietary systems developed by commercial companies are not flexible enough to accommodate these needs, we will focus on open source alternatives such as MediaWiki, GitLab, and WikiBase. We will reflect on the technical details of the different systems, their pro’s and con’s for documenting and preserving art, while looking at the potential of collaborative workflows.